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AutoPilot Miscellaneous

AutoPilot Miscellaneous

eSeasongear *** Warning! - AutoPilot will not honor the Full Warranty if the items are not purchased from authorized dealers.

20082010; 2013

DIG-220 Parts; ST-220 Parts

Please contact AutoPilot at 727-823-5642 for product technical support / warranty services.

Please send us a picture of the parts you want, we will find the right parts number for you.

NOTE: AquaCal and AutoPilot parts can be combined for one brand order.

AutoPilot PartsAutoPilot 986-ST, Tri-Sensor  Simulator - for APA0003
AutoPilot 996,  Manifold Cap Kit
AutoPilot PLA0113 Cell Acid Kit Plug for Cells
Regular price: $39.92
Sale price: $19.93
AutoPilot STK0227 Acid Wash Cleaning Kit for ChlorSync Cells
Regular price: $25.93
Sale price: $18.93
AutoPilot STK0228 Union Coupling Kit Black for ChlorSync
AutoPilot 938-SC / 937-SC,  Spacer  Cell (dummy cell)
AutoPilot PLS19096,  2" Check valve 5 lb.
AutoPilot 960,  Mini Cell Demo Display
AutoPilot 19202,  Salt Test Strips 1 bottle
AutoPilot 110-ORP ,  ORP Relay box
AutoPilot 19096-3,  Check valve 3 lb. (included w/ STK0036)
AutoPilot APK0006 Spacer Cell (dummy cell for Residential manifolds)
AutoPilot APK0013 Check Valve & Tube Assembly for all CoPilots
AutoPilot APK0016 Flow Control Assembly for all CoPilots
AutoPilot APK0035 Tube Adaptor for 5874A Injector for CoPilot
AutoPilot APK0037 Ozone Backflow Preventer White
AutoPilot PLP0062 Ozone Injector with Cap
AutoPilot STK0140 SpaPilot Inline Cell Cleaning Kit
AutoPilot STK0141 SpaPilot Bezel for Flush Mount
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